ERKO Volunteer Fair

The Women’s Library frequently takes part in community activities so that we can spread the word about our fantastic feminist Library and Community Space.

On Tuesday this week, we joined other local organisations at the Erko Volunteer Fair and had a great time talking to locals about our collection and facilities which are managed entirely by volunteers. It was a lively event with a good crowd keen to hear more about helping, supporting, and being supported by the SES, Sydney City Farm, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Asylum Seekers Centre, Reverse Garbage, Gig Buddies, and Settlement Services International, as well as The Women’s Library.

The Volunteer Fair is run by the City of Sydney to make it easy for people who want to give back to find opportunities of interest. If you missed the Fair but would like to become a volunteer at The Women’s Library, contact us during opening hours to find out what’s involved.

Photograph Creative Commons Share Alike