Herland II Opening Night

What a night we had! Official Photographer: Sarah Yee

Curator, Freya Black

Artists, Guests, and Councillor Kerryn Phelps

Councillor Linda Scott (centre), an ardent supporter of The Women’s Library

Detail of Anna Legge’s work: UNTITLED (10TH SEPTEMBER 2019)

Photographer in training

Professor Kerryn Phelps talking about women on International Women’s Day

Guest Speaker, Dr. Bonita Ely

Kelcie Bryant-Duguid with her piece, CHAR-COAL

Patrice Wills and COOL BURN CHAIR

Curator Support Crew

Azarmidoket Elahi’s piece, I AM NOT YOUR HOLY COW

Artists, Patrice Wills and Tamara Pavlovic

Artist, Rox du Luca, RED BUNDLE

Artist, Zorica Purlija, TIME WILL TELL

Karla Pringle, I GREW UP IN “PARADISE”

Those are my eyes!

Catering by Hyo-Jin and Chloe

Who needs art when you can have chocolate