Invitation to a Drama Party

Join us on International Women’s Day 2023 when the library receives a selection of books to kickstart its collection of plays and works by Australian women dramatists. There will be readings; there will be food; there will be drinks; there will be good times to be had by all.

How Red Tea Chests Made History

March 2022 is Women’s History Month and The Women’s Library has a wonderful collection of work celebrating women who have made history. During March, we’ll introduce you to some of the Australian women who have made a difference. Here’s a little about how women in Australia made history when they started The Women’s Library.

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The collection of The Women’s Library in Sydney is predominantly made up of books donated by supporters, publishers, and authors.

In this clip, Vicki Harding tells how the first donations were collected in bright red tea chests placed in shops and meeting points around Sydney in the early 1990s.