July 2021 Film Club

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Sunday 11 July: In My Blood It Runs (ABC)

Directed by Maya Newell 2019 Australian

Ten-year-old Dujuan is a child-healer, a good hunter and speaks three languages. As he shares his wisdom of history and the complex world around him we see his spark and intelligence. Yet Dujuan is ‘failing’ in school and facing increasing scrutiny from welfare and the police. As he travels perilously close to incarceration, his family fight to give him a strong Arrernte education alongside his western education lest he becomes another statistic.

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Building trust and willingness with subjects – leading them to open up to the camera and reflect on their lives and circumstances – is the great unseen art of the documentarian. Almost always the more a film-maker succeeds, the more transparent and effortless the result appears. In My Blood It Runs is Newell’s best film yet. (Guardian review)

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Sunday 25 July: Wuthering Heights (SBS)

Directed by: Andrea Arnold, 2011 English

Andrea Arnold’s raw and gritty take on Emily Brontë’s classic novel, about a poor boy of unknown origins rescued from poverty and taken in by the Earnshaw family. There, he develops an intense relationship with his young foster sister, Cathy. Theirs is a passionate tale of elemental love that creates a storm of vengeance.

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… the film proves bleak and blistering in both tone and theme, complemented by stunning aesthetic choices that capture the cruelty and callousness of the couple’s every move. (Screen Hub review)

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Film still courtesy of In My Blood It Runs production company.