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What does escape mean to you? A week in Bali, a year as a backpacker, a few hours with your favourite guilty pleasure? For women living with domestic violence, escape is a matter of survival, not a pleasant and unexpected interlude. Those of us who bemoan the fact that it is hard to escape the daily grind are the lucky ones.

Some women and children who face fear every day can find courage to escape because they know a women’s refuge will welcome and shelter them while they gather their thoughts and try to start again. Women’s Shelters provide an essential service in Australian society but State and Federal Governments can’t find it in their hearts to ensure these vital places are properly funded and resourced.

We encourage you to join Women’s Electoral Lobby (WEL) in asking the NSW Government to guarantee secure, long-term funding for specialist women’s domestic and family violence refuges. It’s easy to add your name to the petition, just click here. Speak up now to make sure the lights are kept on.

For more information, see the WEL website.