The Second Sex

The August and September reading for the Feminist Classics Book Club is The Second Sex by Simone De Beauvoir, published in French in 1949 as Le Deuxième Sexe.


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If you would like to listen to the book being read, it is available on Audio Books which offers a one month free trial. For readers, there is a PDF version available on the Uberty website.

For a quick introduction to her ideas, start with this TED-Ed talk by Iseult Gillespie from University of Wisconsin-Madison

And to hear some other women’s views on De Beauvoir and her work, try this lecture by Jill Fellows from the University of British Columbia or the discussion on In Our Times on the BBC with Christina Howells: Professor of French and Fellow of Wadham College at the University of Oxford, Margaret Atack: Professor of French at the University of Leeds, and Ursula Tidd: Professor of Modern French Literature and Thought at the University of Manchester.

Feel free to join in the duscussion even if you haven’t read the book.

Image Credit: 2011 Vintage Paperback published by Penguin