Ode to the Yoni Workshop 

How do we bring the joy of the Yoni and its power back into our lives? Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina and it translates as: source of everything.

As we do a ritual to meet Yoni, she will open up and share her wisdom that she wants you to know. What she needs from you to honor her and how she can guide you to fully step into your creative divine feminine power.

With that energy we create a felt Yoni that reminds you of the sacred power of our joy in life and invites you to continue your journey with her.

About Marike van IJssel, in her own words

I have travelled an interesting and curvy journey in my life, from growing up in a small town near the sea in the Netherlands to living in an Aboriginal community in the tropical rainforest in North Queensland, Australia. From being a university lecturer in psychology and anthropology to working on my heart-project spreading awareness, kindness and happiness in the world. Once I started giving up my expectations of what life should be like and what I should be like, I found that there is soo much that I love to do. So I decided not to limit myself anymore in saying “this is what I do” but to go with the flow of adventure and magic in life.

I can feel the importance in my bones of remembering and bringing to the surface our ancient wisdom, connecting to the land of my ancestors, and combine it with the new that is coming up, realising we are part of a larger picture of inclusivity, this field beyond right and wrong.

I live my life with courage to be vulnerable, to welcome all of me, and to be true to the essence of what I bring to that larger picture. I listen to the whispering of my soul in the quiet moments at the ocean and know that I am abundance.

I am very grateful to all the amazing teachers I have met in my life, that have given me wisdom on systemic constellations, womb healing, (Celtic) shamanism, goddess teachings, and intentional creativity, so I can travel the world sharing my medicine.

You are ever so welcome to come and celebrate life in one of my offerings.