Art Talk at The Women’s Library

Join us at The Women’s Library on Saturday 30 March and be part of the Art Talk discussion about what makes a female utopia. Meet some of the artists and hear their views on the present and future state of Herland.

Hosted by Curator Freÿa Black, this is an opportunity to meet some of the Herland artists, hear about their individual art practices, their ideas about utopias and what they see in the future for Women.

Artists include: Amani Haydar, Zorica Purlija, Ulvi Haagensen, Shelley Watters, Nina Grodahl, Linda Cairnes, Goya Torres, Patrica Carolyn, Stacha Clemens, Emily Valentine Bullock, Hillary Monckton, Eileen Hayley, Ann Marie Yee, and Curator Freÿa Black.

The event begins at 2pm on Saturday 30 March at The Women’s Library, 8-10 Brown St, Newtown.

The Herland Art Talk is a free event and all are welcome!


The full colour, 40 page Herland Catalogue can be bought at The Women’s Library or from here.

Preview some of the work on Instagram.