Art Exhibitions 2010


Mythological Landscapes are born time and time again, in urban spaces, in country landscapes, in daily encounters with others and our souls.

Mythological Landscapes is a humble invitation to visit unknown spaces from where we can create and recreate, propose and rebuild, to sit in silence and dream of summers gone and summers to be.

November 2009-January 2010 by Ceci De Silva

mythology1 mythology2 mythology3


Ephemera from the women’s movement.

February-March 2010


Each new sunrise brings a new day of hope and possibilities. As with our own unique experiences, each sunrise and sunset is also unique. Clouds across our dreams of today may give way to clear and unblemished tomorrows. The shadows of a sunset may be a protecting shield, or you may witness an amazing moon, let it sparkle within you.

February-March 2010 by fidacreations

Daintree sunset 2007 - TNLeemans Landing sunset 2009Leeman's Landing sunset 2009Mudgee sunset 2009Murchison River sunrise 2009Nelson Bay sunrise 2010Nelson Bay sunrise 2010Nelson Bay sunset, moon - TNIndian Ocean sunset 2009