Art Exhibitions 2009


through the window

Sonya donated this art work to The Women’s Library after her exhibition. Sonya said the encouragement and feedback she received from her exhibition at TWL in 2009 gave her courage to believe in her work. After her exhibition at TWL (where she sold three paintings) Sonya Smith was then invited to exhibit her work at Cafe Mars at Parramatta. We wish her success with this exhibition.

Sonya also entered a piece of her work in the 2009 Mil-Pra Exhibition. Sonya was awarded first prize in the contemporary division.


This exhibition was a collection of TWL ephemera and art work produced by TWL volunteers. Some women took away a piece of a puzzle and then used collage and other material to make a representation of what the library has meant to them.

August 2008- January 2009


Seasons are as life, ever changing. Sometimes these changes are obfuscated, often requiring close scrutiny. Then comes the rush of change, more easily visible to the naked eye. Then suddenly you become aware that you are back where you began. Then comes the question, what, if anything, has changed?

June 2009 by fidacreations