Art Exhibitions 2008


Three workshops were held at The Women’s Library during January and February. Women were asked to think about what living in Sydney meant to them, or to tell in pictures a story about their lives. Out of this emerged a diverse range of art and a wide range of interesting conversations. It was a unique experience to observe and be part of women connecting around shared creativity and the telling of their stories. Some women were artistically skilled and had painted or drawn before. Others came along to experiment with art. One nine-year-old came with her mother and had a lot of fun with charcoal.

March-April 2008 By TWL Group


My painting is a way for me to tell the story of the ritual abuse that has happened to me all my life. Many people who paint about their trauma try to show the badness, the ugliness of it. However, for me, the greatest effect of the abuse is the unshakeable belief that I do not exist, that I am not seen. So many of my paintings are pictures of myself, in an effort to put something of myself into the world where it can be seen.

(An extract from Elisabeth’s written explanation of her art work.)

April-May 2008 By Liz


Not me, that’s for sure! This photographic exhibition reflects a passage of time. While dark to light sounds poetic, the journey is not linear. There are many twists and turns. We need to take what we can from each new path, and know there are no ends, only new beginnings.

“I am less afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my own ship”- L.M. Alcott.

May/June 2008 by fidacreations


A combined media exhibition of some of the work of a group that began meeting at TWL following a project funded by City of Sydney Council.

July-August 2008 By TWL Group


Acrylic on canvas paintings. Art works such as tunnel vision look at the deep, sometimes dark, sometimes hopeful psyche of the inner soul. A series of paintings

by Sonya Smith

Opening of Exhibition Saturday 11th October 2008 3:30 PM