Art Exhibitions 2007


Silent No More gave women time and space to witness each other’s lives, to acknowledge the reality of abuse and the impact of abuse and to affirm their resilience and survival. Women found a voice for their experiences and a way to tell their stories that moves from an abuse dominated view of themselves to a view which acknowledges how they have resisted and overcome the impacts of abuse on their lives.

The name Silent No More came from women who spoke about being silenced, both as children and as adults, about the experience of sexual abuse in their lives. In conversation this theme of being silenced, about abuse, about domestic violence and other abuse in their lives, about mental health issues, about drug and alcohol, about parenting, emerged as an ongoing theme. The name has been powerful in informing conversation about silencing and secrecy and about breaking that silence.

The art work here is a small part of a larger exhibition that was held in Campbelltown in 2007 by SNM GROUP