Art Exhibitions 2004


This exhibition is a celebration of the resilience of women. It is an expression of appreciation for the struggle of the 60s and 70s feminists, a sincere enquiry into what this heritage means to today’s emerging women, and an exploration into the diversity of the lives of women of all ages. Some of the artworks exhibited are figurative, projecting women in different roles and contexts: some are expressive of women as emotional and vulnerable, others portray women as an embodiment of strength and energy.

Other artworks are not figurative, and put forward a more subtle vision that is less literal and may require further inspection and deeper thought. Many of the artworks are deeply personal and expressive of one woman’s plight, which may resonate with the experience of other women.

This exhibition does not seek to collapse the temple of the traditional sacred goddess, but recognises the changing ideals and aspirations of contemporary women. In selecting these artworks to be displayed in this exhibition, we strove to project an image of women’s rich diversity, efficiency, adaptability and resilience.

November 2004