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Art Exhibitions 1999


Exhibition of the WEB poster collection in collaboration with: The IWD collective, Sydney and TWL.

February-March 1999


Amanda attended Newcastle Art School from 1973-1977. Her most recently exhibited work was an entry into the Archibald with two collage portraits, one of which was titled “The Day of Mourning”,

– Jenny Munro, the chairperson of the National Aboriginal History & Heritage Committee.

April-May 1999 by Amanda King


An exhibition of Irene Gower’s recent work.

Working with astrophysicists made it clear to me that the old “art versus science” debate needs to continue, because science (with the exception of quantum physics) maintains the split between spirit and matter that puts all things out of balance. Science is treated as fact and art as fiction. In spirit flight I am out of time because time has to do with physical reality. The spirit knows no limits. There are no boundaries to being. I am part of Infinity.

May 1999 by Irene Gower


In a garden – time began in a garden.

An exploration of growth and nature, in black and white photographs.

July 1999 by Michelle Perry


Oils on canvas.

September-October 1999 by Pleasance Ingle


Acrylic mixed media. Now hanging in the New England Regional Art Museum collection.

September 1999 by Michelle Frances Collocott