Third time lucky

Join us at The Women’s Library on Sunday 27 March from 2:00pm to celebrate Women’s History month and see what we’ve done with the place.


Here at The Women’s Library, we’ve been closed for almost nine months, thanks to the pandemic and our concern for the safety of our staff and patrons. We’ve made plans to reopen twice, but factors beyond our control have intervened each time and we’ve had to keep the doors shut.

However, we haven’t been completely idle during that time. We’ve had the painters and decorators in, and the space is looking fabulous, thanks to the crew at Sabrina’s painting. It’s been a massive undertaking – packing up the books, dismantling the shelves, removing rubbish, deciding on a paint colour!

And then doing it all again in reverse – reassembing the shelves, unpacking the boxes, shelving thousands of books, all in a socially-distanced manner.

Now that we’re almost done, we’ve planned the reopening for the third time. We would love to welcome you back into The Women’s Library on Sunday 27 March for a social afternoon, before we resume our regular hours on Tuesday 29 March.

Come and celebrate Women’s History Month and the reopening of our lovely space. Browse the shelves, meet the staff, and have a bite to eat. We’ll be there from 2:00pm and we hope you can join us.

For more information, send a message via our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you.