Storytime at The Women’s Library

Storytime with Cynthia Ning was held regularly in 2023.

Spirit book cover

Cynthia reads books such as Spirit written by Cherri Ryan, an author who is inspired by the children she cared for as a family doctor in Australia for almost twenty years. Illustrated by Tasmanian author and illustrator Christina Booth.

Book cover image And Aunty’s Wedding written by Miranda Tapsell and Joshua Tyler, with illustrations by Samantha Fry. A warm family story that celebrates love and Tiwi Island culture.

Cynthia’s stories for babies and young children are fun and warm, and sure to spark their imagination.

Cynthia is a creative and aspiring actor and writer based in Sydney. Her love of books came from an early age which has inspired her to encourage and nurture reading in children. She has had the pleasure of working with books across book retailing and publishing over the last  ten years.

Cynthia also works at Chatswood Library helping people discover the joy of reading. See more about Cynthia on her website.  

Book cover images courtesy of the publishers