International Day of the Girl Child

This beautiful girl visited the library recently and her mother gave permission for us to use this great photograph which was taken by one of our volunteer staff members. Look at that lovely face and think about what it means to be a girl or woman in Australia in 2022. Take time to think about the plight of girls throughout the world and be thankful for places like The Women’s Library where girls can come and learn about the delights and downfalls of being female in a supportive all-women environment.

Enjoy this short clip from spoken word artist Soré Agbajeand and think about what you can do today to advance the position of girls in our society.

The Women’s Library in Sydney has a carefully selected collection of books and toys for children, all chosen to reinforce a sense of equality, fairness, and opportunity for girls. The library also provides space where groups of women can enjoy stimulating discussion, support and learn from each other, read, chill out, and have fun.

Consider becoming a member so we can keep on being a special place for women and girls.

Image Credit
Photograph taken at The Women's Library. 
Used with permission of the child's parent.